Malesco Wine Broker

established 1994

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Mission statement

To provide the best value of wine and service to our fine trade partners in Australia and worldwide. Specialized in discovering premium regional wines from talented family winemakers for export to our dedicated group of global partners internationally

History and Background

Malesco was established by Mark and Justine Cohen in 1994 and was primarily involved in bulk wine imports to satisfy a huge shortfall of supply in drought stricken Australia. During the next six years Mark travelled extensively throughout the winemaking world. Selecting large parcels of bulk wine and making contacts and friends with a wide range of wineries. In Chile, Argentina , Spain, Italy, France, Corsica, and South Africa. Our clients were international wine companies based here in Australia, followed by clients around the world, including China.

Bulk wines sales have topped 150 million litres in the past 20 years. More important has been the friends we have made in conducting this fascinating ongoing business. Involving all aspects of international trade. Since the beginning of the new millennium Malesco has added a new dimension. This involves the export od Australian bulk wines and the exciting business of export Australian premium bottled wine brands. Our portfolio has been praised as highly regarded, diverse, and covers the key premium regions of South Australia, offering some of the best value and widely acclaimed products Australia and the world has to offer.

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