Custom source and supply of exclusive brands

from Australia's premium wineries.

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Malesco is an international wine company which has supply agreements with trusted and reliable winery partners in all wine regions around the world. We support our clients in supplying from Australia, or sourcing from all international wine regions, in bulk bottle or own label.

Import and export services

Malesco can provide a range of specialist services in the export and import of wine. Including, export product compliance, export label compliance, packing, loading, shipping, and all export logistics.

Export documentation including all certifications required for all destinations

Australian bottled export portfolio

As part of our export services, Malesco can select a suitable range of wines to meet all prices points for export consolidation, tailored to suit each destination and market.

Sole agency arrangements can be made subject to agreed sales targets.

Import agency and representation

Suitable overseas producers wanting to access the Australian market, are able to use our services as a local office.

Malesco can assess the demand for your products in Australia and supply this information to our major buyers and importers for potential collaboration and securing a market presence.

We liaise with all major logistics companies for shipments at the best rates and ensure customs documentation are in order, for a seamless delivery on receipt.

Other products

Brandy, whisky, Vodka, Rum. In bulk

Non alcoholic products

Because of this fast growing category, we have supply of new ranges of all non alc, wines, beers and spirit type products.